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Editorial content development

E.L.G. Consulting's editors, analysts and researchers create original content in deliverable forms such as knowledge-bases, white papers, case studies, impact analysis reports and web content. E.L.G. manages the whole process: editorial planning, secondary research, interviews, editing and basic design. Our market approach is unique and focuses on clients' buying communities and specific target vertical markets.

Podcast services

E.L.G. defines and develops podcast shows. This process includes a private digital conference bridge for interviews and show recording, digital sound editing (including normalization, equalization, volume leveling and noise reduction) and industry unique syndication providing increased listeners. E.L.G. can also help moderate or source industry-leading hosts for podcast shows.


Eric Green produces, hosts and syndicates the SecureIT Live podcast show (www.secureitlive.com).

Electronic syndication

Using the latest techniques in search engine optimization we make sure your audience can find your content, not only in specific searchable areas but also from any search engine on the web. Our process for uploading content and retrieving leads is automated, easy to use and competitively priced.


Eric is co-founder of White Paper Connect (WPC).  For companies looking to connect with customers who are interested in their topics, White Paper Connect has closed the gap in e-content syndication models to offer you the tools to easily access, publish, and manage content with full featured user statistics to provide the ultimate in qualified lead generation. (www.whitepaperconnect.com)

Conference Program Development

E.L.G. Consulting uses industry expertise both in security and cross technology, along with an extensive network developed over years of working closely with leaders in both industry and government to create high-level one of a kind programs for events.

Corporate Events

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Events etc. (www.events-etc.net), we also specialize in conceiving, planning and managing business conferences and events at all levels -from intimate to large-scale, from regional to global.


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